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What is IQ Test?

What is IQ Test?

IQ test aims to determine the ability of a person in the frame of thinking in total and logical. This test is intended to determine the maximum performance required in researching ability and skill.

The Intelligence Test is a series of tests that must be completed within a certain time limit or better known as the time limit test, which is a relatively easy set of questions, but is given in a limited time so that no one can solve all the problems. The measure of individual intelligence is determined by the number of questions that can be solved correctly.

IQ Test is divided into two types of questions, namely:

  • Open Questions, no answer questions so the test takers should answer according to their ability, the answers may vary depending on the ability of each test participant.
    Example: Find the next number from the following sequence of numbers:
    1, 9, 2, 10, 3, 11, 4, …?
  • Closed Question, which is a type of test question that has multiple options that have available answers, so that test participants can choose the most correct answer. This problem is easy, but because the available answers are almost similar or even similar, it takes precision in a short time.

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