Sudoku Hard

This is a sudoku game with hard level, a challenge for puzzle and math enthusiasts, in this hard level only 25 numbers of clues are given, there is no mistakes limit and no time limit, you can focus on solving sudoku problems with this hard level.

Game Instructions:

  • Click the ‘Play Sudoku Hard’ button to generate a game in the level shown at the label of button
  • Click a number 1~9 below or simply press a key of 1~9 in keyboard to get a number in hand. then, click on the cell to put a number.
  • Select a selected number below one more time to toggle note mode on/off.
  • Press shift to toggle note mode on/off.

Clicking the left mouse button will either input a number or remove it if the same number exists in the table/hand. For the middle click or Ctrl + left click, you can use it to jot down a guessed number or remove it if it matches existing numbers in the table/hand. Finally, a right-click is used to remove a number.

We also added Print feature for this game which is the button below the PLAY button.

Can you solve this hard sudoku puzzle?

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